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Some members from the band Zerozombie, and some members from the band Chillborn, and some of the members from the band Frigore Vitae are teaming back up for a new music project known as Mister Macabre.

They plan on rewriting most of the songs over the last 10 years, from the different bands, and re-releasing them under the new band name. This, however, will take some time as do all new projects, especially with completely new mixes.

So, look for some song releases around September 2016. (hopefully)

As it stand now (being that news is/was posted 5/23) the mixing template is getting close but most of the songs will still need to be learned by some of the members and new tracks laid down. Hopefully a lot of the old tracks played by surviving members can be remixed right in. (hopefully, yeah yeah I said that before)

Here is the current/new lineup:

Vocals: Mr. Macabre (also known as Mr. Chills)
Guitar(s): Tank
Backup Guitar: Ashes
Solo: Dr. Guts
Bass & Backup Vocals: Needles
Drums: Meathead
Keys: Fang
Engineer: Crash

Stay tune for  website design changes and more news over the next few months.

Continue to stay creepy!

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